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  • The mission of Dante is to provide quality, clear, pristine data, documentation and a fileable clinical submission the first time to the agency; remember the old adage, there is always time to re-do it - well, Dante does it right the first time - this is Dante's operating history since 1993: Z E R O   R T F s (refusal to files) with FDA and global agencies.
  • Why Dante? We have the experience and the expertise. We listen to your needs. We support your needs onsite and offsite. We are your partners in expert quality control. We manage the issues and LEAD people to a successful, comprehensive, consistent, complete regulatory submission.
  • Dante will quickly make strategy and skills connect by transforming issues into tailored solutions.
  • Diversity creates innovation and Dante fully supports the creative applications of diversity in the workplace.
  • Ingenuity and Innovations - Thinking inside, outside, on top of, underneath the box for the most sensible solution considering client budgets.
  • Dante, for almost two decades now, is networked to global opinion leaders and experts, developing and leveraging multi-tier relationships and strategic partners for our clients use, support and extended services.
  • The Dante Group - Testimonials for Dante - Place a phone call to a colleague - We are a well-recognized group of specialists in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Dante analyzes your needs and provides specialization, scientific, medical and clinical depth for your most intricate development and regulatory needs.
  • Dante quickly develops solutions that ensure a stay ahead of the project management curve mentality, pace and intensity with our clients in complex clinical submissions.
  • Dante is flexible, experienced, proactive, and focused on your goal, executing mid-course adjustments and on time delivery with quality.
  • Dante can steer your clinical data and submission along the road to success.
  • Dante provides — 
    • Business solutions to bring success.
    • Excellent product and service quality, highly ethical business and GCP, cost effectiveness, price effectiveness, sound, proven, financial quality performance since 1993.
    • Quick global analyses, reach and resources to assist and achieve our clients' needs goals and solutions.
    • Process and development.
    • Fresh perspectives and cutting edge solutions.
    • Extraordinary value with experience in clinical and submission solutions.
    • Remarkable dedication, specialized experience and thorough, good clinical and ethical practices; invites aggressive realistic timelines, attention to every detail, insistence on accuracy, consistency, flexibility, speed, on-time delivery with quality and sensitivity to price effectiveness.

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